STS joins the consortium providing support via the NSTXL Consortium

As a member of NSTXL, STS has access to two additional avenues to provide access for their customers – the S2MARTS and TReX OTAs.

The Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Crane Division and the Department of Defense (DoD) created the Strategic and Spectrum Missions Advanced Resilient Trusted Systems (S2MARTS) OTA. The S2MARTS OTA (pronounced “SMARTS”) is designed to refine strategies, management planning activities, and implement integrated, complementary solutions that enable broader Department of Defense (DoD) access to commercial state-of-the-art EMS technologies, advanced microelectronics, radiation-hardened (RAD-HARD) and strategic missions hardware (HW).

The Training and Readiness Accelerator (TReX) expedites development, demonstration, and delivery of prototypes to increase Warfighter readiness. With a focus on modeling, simulation, and training, TReX provides the United States Government with an agile mechanism to iterate and refine critical technologies to keep pace with ongoing and emerging challenges. By actively incorporating structured operational user feedback, TReX will identify and develop innovative solutions to inform materiel procurement requirements and acquisition.


Press Release

October 2019

STS Team Members presented a technical paper for “Improved Systems Engineering Technical Review Events with Modeling Maturity Metrics” at the IEEE International Symposium on Systems Engineering in Edinburgh, Scotland.  The symposium seeks to create an interactive forum for the advancement of the practice of systems engineering across the multiple disciplines and specialty areas associated with the engineering of complex systems. The paper coved the development of “self-assessing” metrics within a model that allowed it to provide an assessment of its maturity and completeness to represent a given system and how those metrics can be used to better plan the appropriate times for an event based technical review of a project.

The web-based tool will allow HHS’ 11 operational divisions to capture forecasted opportunities in a consolidated, customizable repository and facilitate vendor’s access to potential procurements. The PFDR is consistent with HHS’s strategic Enterprise Architecture (EA) policies, guidelines and IT infrastructure.