STS on winning team for Conventional Prompt Strike Contract

STS is a partner on the winning team for the hypersonics program under the Office of the Secretary Defense. STS will provide engineering support and other SME in support of the CPS program specifically to the U.S. Navy’s SSP office.

The CPS Program at SSP is
developing a non-nuclear hypersonic weapon system. This Navy-designed,
-developed, and -produced hypersonic missile will enable precise and
timely strike capability in contested environments.

Hypersonic weapons – capable of flying at speeds greater than
five times the speed of sound (Mach 5) – are highly maneuverable and
operate at varying altitudes, providing the warfighter with an ability
to strike targets hundreds and even thousands of miles away, in a matter
of minutes.

The Navy CPS-developed common hypersonic missile is composed of a
hypersonic glide body that travels to target at hypersonic speed and
booster that launches the glide body into initial flight. The missile
will be fielded by both Navy and Army, which will each develop
service-specific weapon systems and launchers tailored for use from land
and sea.