Department of Defense Joint Staff

Joint Lessons Learned Information System (JLLIS)

Nsite developed and currently supports maintenance and improvements to the Department of Defense Joint Staff J7 Lessons Learned Information System. This system is used by every Service, Combatant Command and DoD Agency as the Program of Record for Lessons Learned / Knowledge Management.

Nsite evolved this technology from storyboards in the Marine Corps to a complete Knowledge Management solution deployed across three different security-classification networks. We worked with numerous DoD stakeholders to develop JLLIS, and we continue to evolve the software to meet the end users’ needs.

Comprised of individuals spread across scores of military units, government agencies, and non-profit partners around the globe, the JLLIS user base employs the system to enhance decision-making capabilities by recording and accessing tens of thousands of pages worth of critical knowledge, including a wide array of multimedia content.