Customer Overview: NASA is responsible for the ongoing development and support of the shuttle fleet and the International Space Station, support equipment and facilities, payload and integration, as well as experimental equipment, testing, and oversight.

Customer Problem: The current design process is inflexible when changes are necessary, which results in those changes not being made or the schedule slipping as a result of changes being incorporated.

Our Solution: We developed a design environment where all team members worked in parallel, regardless of geographic location or employer, from a common high-level design structure that was representative of the system-level requirements of the product being developed.

The Result: System-level requirements were captured at a high level using “intelligent” and associative CAD features that could then be passed to one of four design and/or manufacturing teams located throughout the United States. This approach allowed us to minimize the need for production drawings by approximately 90%, involve the manufacturing engineers much sooner in the development process (which shortened the delivery schedule) since changes were easily incorporated, and gave the research customer the ability to make changes to system-level requirements with minimal or limited downstream repercussions.