Strategic Technical Services

Common Strategic Electronic Parts

Radiation Hardened Electronics Technology conference in Melbourne, FL on November 5-6, 2019

STS Joins the International Council on Systems Engineering

STS launches their fourth mobile application developed for the FDA

U.S. Forest Service renews STS support for RIDB

STS Wins $34M contract with U.S. Army’s TARDEC

STS team at the 14th Biannual Nuclear Triad and Advanced Conventional Strike Symposium – NSWC Crane

Strategic Technical Services now DCAA-Approved

STS Wins award with U.S. Army AATD

New CFO joins the STS team

STS merges with Nsite LLC

Nsite develops and delivers FDA’s first mobile application

HHS launches new web-based Procurement Forecast tool

STS on winning team for Conventional Prompt Strike Contract

Strategic Partnership with Rose-Hulman

STS is a member of the IN3 OTA

STS Joins the C5 OTA Consortium

STS joins the consortium providing support via the NSTXL Consortium

Press Release

STS extends US Army support to RIA – JMTC

Press Release – August