Rich Castellano takes the helm as STS President/CEO

With the retirement of Founder Phil Gordon, Rich Castellano is transitioning from his previous role as CFO to lead the STS team in their next phase of growth. This transition is marked by the shift from ‘Strategic Technical Services to the new dba as ‘Strategic Tech Solutions‘, with an emphasis on STS’ full-spectrum offerings to Federal and Commercial customers. “We don’t just service other people’s projects or put butts in seats, we’re in the business of providing customers an actual solution, to support mission objectives and tailor that approach to each customer,” remarked Mr. Castellano. Over the past several years, Mr. Castellano has guided STS through several key initiatives, such as the standing up of a unified Operations team following the acquisition and merger with Nsite LLC and maturing the financial processes and systems to the solid, DCAA-approved posture they hold today. “We’ve spent the past several years growing our capabilities and support with existing customers, now’s the time to leverage that strong base to expand to related markets and customers, both Federal and Commercial”.

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