STS team at the 14th Biannual Nuclear Triad and Advanced Conventional Strike Symposium – NSWC Crane


STS joined industry leaders in strategic nuclear modernization for the 14th Biannual Nuclear Triad and Advanced Conventional Strike Symposium at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane (NSWC Crane) in Odon, IN.

Discussions generated from DoD and industry leaders included plans to modernize US systems through cost effective collaborative solutions for the U.S. nuclear deterrent and strategies to ensure best practices are incorporated into every facet of the program.

STS currently provides support to several divisions at NSWC Crane, including:

  • Systems engineering support to enable the Strategic Missions Systems Engineering Division (GXT) in its role as an independent government agent, to increase program efficiencies and reduce risk in Navy Strategic Systems Programs (SSP) System Integration and Coordination activities
  • Support to the Platform and Launch Systems Division (GXP) through engineering and technical investigations on various equipment for programs supported by GXP such as the Strategic Systems Program (SSP) Intra-Facility Transportation Equipment (IFTE), Trident I (C4) and Trident II (D5) submarine based Missile Test and Readiness Equipment, Ohio and Ohio Replacement Program (ORP), Advanced Launcher Development Program (ALDP) support equipment; and
  • Engineering, technical and program management support services in support of the Navy’s Strategic Systems Programs (SSP), including development of a Lifecycle Management Tool (LMT), which evolved into the “Common Strategic Electronic Parts Program” (CSEPP)