U.S. Forest Service

Recreation Information Database (RIDB)

STS hosts and is currently making enhancements to the U.S. Forest Service’s Recreation Information Database (RIDB), a multi-user, cloud-based enterprise geospatial system. RIDB integrates data from a variety of Federal sources and partner organizations to provide the public with searchable and sharable information about U.S. National Parks and Federal recreation activities. It contains detailed records for nearly 23,000 Federal recreation areas and facilities.

In the initial stages of the contract, STS successfully migrated RIDB from Oracle to SQL and redesigned its interface in ColdFusion while maintaining system functionality and data integrity. Since then, we have made numerous usability enhancements including the addition of advanced search capabilities and integration of GIS functionality. We continue to improve the system through ongoing features development and the gathering, vetting, and integration of new data sourced from 29 separate agencies.