Strategic Technical Services, LLC (STS) is small business specializing in Systems Engineering and Software Development expertise for a variety of federal and commercial customers. Our core capabilities include web-based knowledge management, custom application development, product lifecycle management implementation and integration support, and mobile application development.  We are experts in PTC Windchill (WC) implementation and support, including Windchill Quality Solutions (WQS) to support Product Lifecycle Management.

From our offices in Carmel, Indiana and Annapolis, MD, we manage a network of team members throughout the US that are positioned to provide either on-site or remote support. Our current customers extend from the Washington DC area to a selection of international customers and include some of the nation's leading Aerospace and Defense entities.

Our Team

Phil Gordon Phil Gordon


Rich Castellano Rich Castellano

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Cushing Daniel Cushing

Chief Technology Officer

Dan Parker Dan Parker

Director of Operations

Eric Armstrong Eric Armstrong

Manager, Systems Engineering Services

Farid Hamidi Farid Hamidi

Chief PLM Services

Julia Messaoudi Julia Messaoudi

Director of Business Development

Layne B. Layne B.

Senior Application Engineer

Dave B. Dave B.

Senior PLM Manager

Maryann C. Maryann C.

Senior Systems Engineer

Christopher C. Christopher C.

Advanced Technical Application Developer

Ally E. Ally E.

Intermediate Engineer

George F. George F.

PLM Engineer

Andrew G. Andrew G.

Business Lead

Brian K. Brian K.

Senior Systems Engineer

Ritta K. Ritta K.

Senior Systems Engineer

Joshua K. Joshua K.

PLM Consultant

Thomas L. Thomas L.

PLM Engineer

Brandon L. Brandon L.

Senior PLM Consultant

Scott L. Scott L.

Software Engineer

Dean L. Dean L.

Mechanical Design Engineer

Thomas M. Thomas M.

Process Solutions Architect

Brian P. Brian P.

Systems Interface Engineer

Todd P. Todd P.

Program Manager

Bruce R. Bruce R.

Senior PLM Engineer

Yancy W. Yancy W.

Senior Systems Administrator

Lee W. Lee W.

Software Engineer

Cherie W. Cherie W.

Senior Designer / Modeler