PLM System Data Migration 

STS’s decades of data migration experience guarantee the success of your migration project. 

Having experience is crucial when migrating data from one PLM system to another, especially when it comes to Windchill. Fortunately, STS migration consultants have the necessary experience to provide a successful migration process. We listen carefully to our client’s needs, create an optimal strategy and migration plan, and implement the necessary tools and processes to effectively ensure that the migration’s successful completion. 

What makes STS unique when it comes to PLM migration?  

Variety of Systems Migrated 

STS has more than six data migration architects and decades of collective experience in data migration. We have successfully migrated data from various commercial PLM systems and other non-commercial PDMs, many of which were homegrown or highly modified. STS has also migrated most CAD data types as well as all documents, EBOM, MBOM, change objects, classifications, and all other object types normally found in a PLM system along with their associated metadata.  

Rigorous Migration Process 

STS has extensive experience in creating a comprehensive migration process. The migration process is tailored to the specific needs of the source and target systems, as no two migrations are identical. STS consultants, with years of experience, can identify and address many common migration challenges. 

High Data Quality 

When it comes to system migration, one of the most crucial goals is to ensure that the data is accurate, consistent, and usable. At STS, our consultants employ various tools and processes to guarantee data quality. Before migration, the data set undergoes data cleansing and validation to detect, correct, or remove corrupt or inaccurate records. STS’s experienced consultants can pinpoint and fix such data inconsistencies. 

Highly automated 

STS consultants use various tools to make the migration process more efficient. Windchill Bulk Migrator (WBM) is one such tool that helps transfer data into Windchill in a one-way direction, extracting data from one or more source systems, transforming and mapping it to match the Windchill application, and then loading it into the Windchill database and file vaults. 

Production Migration 

The main objective of the final production migration is to make it quick and comprehensive, which will ultimately help in reducing downtime and post-migration issues. The production migration process is rehearsed multiple times to identify and resolve any issues that may arise. STS consultants- with a thorough understanding of the migration process- also create and use scripts to automate tasks and minimize the chances of human error. With decades of experience in migration, STS understands the nuances and potential trouble spots, and most importantly, knows how to avoid them. 

Consistency and Completeness 

STS Consultants employ a unique engagement methodology to ensure exceptional outcomes every time. We begin by collaborating with our customers and developing a deep, two-way understanding of their project goals. This collaboration allows us to share our expertise with the customer and gather the necessary details for a successful project. The knowledge gained from our collaboration sessions informs the design and implementation work. Finally, STS ensures that our customers are fully trained to support and maintain their new PLM system. Moreover, we are always available post-implementation to provide advice and enhance the implementation. 

STS has decades of experience in PLM migration. This extensive experience has given STS the expertise required for a successful project. STS has migrated various PLM systems and is in a unique position to develop a meticulous migration plan. This plan ensures high data quality and a successful outcome, with minimal downtime.

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