What does it mean to be data-driven in 2024?

Becoming a data-driven organization in 2024 means aligning your data and organizational strategies and utilizing the insight found in the data to set goals and monitor performance against objectives.

Being data-driven means becoming a master at managing large, high-velocity, and diverse varieties of data stored across many systems. Technically, it is not a trivial task for many organizations and requires expertise in Data Science, Data Engineering, frequently, AI, and of course Cybersecurity.

It’s no secret that data-driven decision-making requires access to large volumes of data. Data volume can vary depending on industry and organizational size.

High-velocity data streams can include continuous timestamped log data that record events as they happen – such as temperature sensors, video from cameras, or streams of data from scientific equipment. Data streams like this require environment optimization to efficiently establish relationships between streamed and master data for efficient processing.

Data variety is a newer consideration in big-data processing. Traditional Data Warehouses store structured data organized into tables, columns, and rows for faster query processing. As unstructured data has become more prevalent, newer big-data storage solutions process both structured and unstructured data to make it accessible using common access methods. For example, the traditional structured data may be represented as XML or JSON in newer Data Lake models.

Today’s big-data technology challenge is building an architecture that can generate insights from large amounts of structured and unstructured data, including data from photos, videos, or scientific equipment. These insights can help your organization focus on the right opportunities and track your progress toward success.


STS is a nimble, but deeply experienced consultancy that can help your business become data driven. We can design and enable the technical architecture needed to capture data across all your systems, transform it, and create insightful stories from the data. Our master-level consultants are experts at capturing, storing, moving, and using data to enable data analytics, machine learning, and cloud computing with an eye on all of the cybersecurity considerations too.